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Guest Post: Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 Mom's Midnight Musings

{1} Once yous run across something, yous tin never unsee it, thence endure real careful amongst your take away heed as well as those inwards your care.

{2}  Always continue a book, unopen to newspaper as well as a pen inwards your purse, backpack or car. You never know when yous volition endure stuck waiting somewhere as well as if yous tin set that fourth dimension to skillful role yous won't endure thence aggravated.

{3} Love has a lot to produce amongst perspective. Does honey hateful gifts, candy, flowers? Actually, I did have flowers once... 27 years ago... It was a miniature rose bush which my hubby planted exterior as well as and thence promptly ran over amongst a tractor, because he forgot it was there.  But my hubby does larn upward every twenty-four hours at 4:30 a.m. to larn develop for operate to back upward our family. He checks my car's tires as well as adds oil, to brand for sure I'm safe. He fifty-fifty allow my mom displace inwards amongst us (his suggestion…
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House Guest Hospitality 101

Cultures of the East as well as West, from fourth dimension immemorial, convey practiced hospitality equally a divinely imposed duty. Yes, at that spot is pretty much a worldwide consensus that it is that important. Furthermore, I recollect nosotros all want to last hospitable. We all want our guests to experience welcome as well as comfortable inward our homes. However, because of the nature of our introduce American civilization - [for proficient as well as for ill] simultaneously a melting pot as well as a homogenization - nosotros don't ever convey a clear, concrete stance regarding how to instruct close it.  Here are a few ideas that I convey picked upward from menage unit of measurement as well as friends or discovered for myself along the way.
Ask your invitee earlier they instruct inward if they convey whatever allergies, nutrient or otherwise, as well as produce your best to avoid those substances. Also inquire if at that spot are whatever foods as well as drinks that the…

Feelin' Fabulous Friday

So concluding Fri I saw this post, via Camp Patton, in addition to I was inspired to order it a go. The fabulous outfit you lot are near to position eyes on is non in addition to thence much a Fri day hold off (playing amongst iii kids exterior - tin sack you lot country "boots beige no longer"?) but a "it's Fri appointment night" look. I genuinely wore this for the husband's birthday appointment concluding month. And without farther ado...

First documented instance of me wearing lipstick, ever. I'm non joking. And my pilus isn't red. It must hold out the lighting. Just trying to boot the bucket on it real.

I promise your Fri is fabulous, too!

Manic Mon Giveaway

Sorry, I am non giving away the 1986 Bangles album. Or should I live apologizing?  I wishing to brand your Mon a flake improve than mayhap it already is, together with thus I convey 2 things that never neglect to cheer me: a picayune beloved storey together with a practiced book. The 2 are connected; only hang inwards there, you'll see.

Today's giveaway is a beautiful collectible 1973 re-create of Graham Greene's mass The Honorary Consul.  Some of my readers mightiness recognize Greene every bit the writer of Brighton Rock (hopefully you lot are familiar alongside the literary version, non the cinematic). This British playwright, author, together with critic was rattling prolific, together with at times, controversial. If you lot Google his refer you lot volition probable notice a mix of praise together with condemnation, articles hailing the Catholicity of his writing together with articles blasting his promiscuous life. As alongside most extremes, at that spot is some tr…

A Timely Tipple

There is something well-nigh All Hallow's Eve that simply begs for a hot imbibe that both warms in addition to cheers. Every twelvemonth on this solar daytime nosotros accept a tradition of brewing upwards a batch of hot buttered rum. It is the perfect potation to fortify i for the rigors of going door to door inward unpleasant weather. Now, if yous are anything similar me, the persuasion of drinking something that contains remove butter may live off putting at first. My married adult man definitely led the accuse on this one, but at in i lawsuit I am a believer. I particularly bask this imbibe if I am the i sitting on the porch dispensing the candy; its slap-up to nurse on a mutual depression temperature night, every bit the oestrus gently transfers to hands in addition to belly. Most of the hot buttered rum recipes out at that topographic point inward mesh nation are fairly similar; I similar this site because it includes a unmarried serving recipe in addition to proportions fo…

7 Quick Takes: Style Edition

Today I volition last joining Jen for seven Quick Takes. Let's simply telephone scream upward this "Style Edition."

1 If your coat has a collar, popular it. It almost e'er looks improve as well as gives an air of onetime basis mystery.
2 Try wearing 2 scarves (so says Ines de la Fressange). When it comes to scarves, a thicker twine feels to a greater extent than luxurious, as well as hence drive combining 2 shorter/lighter complementary scarves (so says me).
3 If your coat has a belt, don't worry virtually buttoning, simply tiethe belt.
4 Layer pieces alongside pronounced necklines, such every bit a collared shirt nether a cowl necked sweater, or a one-half zero pullover.
5 If you lot drive #4, wearable an updo to drib dead on the await sleek as well as clean.
6 Borrow something from your husband, such every bit a scarf or a watch.
7 Roll the sleeves of your blazer dorsum simply a chip to divulge the cuff of your shirt.

See approximately of these suggestions inward act…

A Thrifting Challenge

This morning I had ii realizations equally I was rushing out the door to vote (if you lot haven't done so, git 'er done): One, I actually similar this outfit, in addition to two, this outfit is caput to toe thrifted (except for the watch). If you lot accept read my Thrifter's Apologia, you lot already know how I experience nigh thrifting. Now, the lady inwards me doesn't similar to speak numbers in addition to brands, because it's my personal philosophy that the correlation betwixt those things in addition to means is non a straight one, in addition to the images I post are meant to limited my personal means and/or illustrate to a greater extent than or less fashion signal I am making.  I volition intermission my code though, this once, in addition to laissez passer you lot the financial facts (still no brands, désolé), inwards hopes that it volition impel you lot to laissez passer thrifting a go. 

THE BREAKDOWN Black wool coat - $15 Electric blueish push downwards -…