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7 Quick Takes: Bridal Registry Edition

For today's 7 Quick Takes, I'd similar to percentage amongst yous 7 items that I either received earlier my marriage or came across after, that I wholeheartedly recommend for whatsoever novel bride. So, if yous are getting married before long as well as are at a loss when it comes to creating your registry, or shopping for the bride who has everything, hopefully yous volition detect unopen to inspiration here!


From the top, Martha Stewart's Homekeeping Handbook. Never ironed a dyad of men's pants before? Martha's got yous covered. Not for sure how to build clean those granite countertops, that's there, too. As inwards most things she does, efficient perfection is the get upward of the game, as Martha covers all the bases of "Homekeeping" (is that a mixed metaphor?).
Next up, also from the queen of clean, is a subscription to Food Everyday. For nether $15, the bride to live volition have x issues sum of slowly dinner recipes that are classy with…
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Beauty Under a Buck

Cosmetics tin hold upward thence expensive, in addition to if your makeup budget isn't big, finding novel products tin hold upward daunting. Recently, my sister-in-law told me close the here, thence during a catch to Target I made my agency to the cosmetics aisle. Alas, the primer was out of stock, but I did come upward away amongst ii other really cheap items that I would recommend.
The commencement is the e.l.f. Shimmering Facial Whip ($1), which comes inward 6 shades. It is described on the e.l.f. website as:
a multipurpose, on-the-go whipped highlighter packed amongst Vitamin E to right away brighten in addition to soothe peel amongst no greasy after-feel. Ideal for using on your cheeks, lips, eyelids or anywhere you lot would similar a radiant popular of shimmering color.  Maybe you lot are similar me, a minimalist when it comes to makeup, in addition to convey never used highlighter before. If so, this powerfulness hold upward a skilful intro product. The usage of highlight…

Budget Wardrobe Building Take Two

As I sat downward to write the side past times side post on this theme of budget wardrobe building, I institute myself nearly to hand y'all a listing of the must convey "basics," simply in addition to thence I realized I wasn't actually starting from the beginning, or the start every bit it occurred inwards my ain edifice process. Then I began to wonder if I had gotten ahead of myself past times starting this exhibit amongst a color post. Well, I can't plough dorsum time, simply I volition create the side past times side best affair  - start over!  I drew a lilliputian outline of what I reckon to live on the planning in addition to edifice process. And in addition to thence it dawned on me, perchance I should start past times sharing this listing amongst the readers, in addition to and thence expand on it gradually. It goes something similar this:

Building a Wardrobe on a Budget 1. Decide to create rather than collect  2. Clean out the closet
3. Organize the close…

Friday For Fifteen: Football Edition

About fourth dimension for some other Friday for Fifteen, don't you lot think? This ane is for your goodness man, the ane who joined you lot for all the unusual celluloid Fridays. For those who don't know, this Dominicus is Super Bowl XLVII, Ravens vs. 49ers. To instruct warmed upwards for that event, today is going to live on a football Friday. So hither nosotros go:

The Entertainment: Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 football game movie. I heartily recommend Invincible (2006), the truthful floor of a due south Philly bartender who defied the odds to instruct a Philadelphia Eagle at the historic menses of thirty. As a thirtonian myself, it's overnice to bring a footling "anything is possible" floor pick-me-up. If you lot don't know what I'm talking about, you lot likely aren't 30 yet, but you lot are likely human then you lot volition likely dear this moving painting despite whatsoever historic menses defects. Some other goodness choices are We Are Mars…

What I Wore: Nowhere

I know it is cynical, but I can't tending but intend that championship sounds similar a authorities operate project... Anyways, I've been wanting to link upward amongst this massive mama fashion link up that I'm certain most of you lot convey already come upward across together with this lady together with hence kindly suggested to me. And since I concocted this outfit every bit I was laying awake the other black trying to solve the world's problems (I simply couldn't sleep), I've been wanting to endeavour it on fifty-fifty though I'm going... Nowhere.

From the top: grey, hot pink, together with oxblood (or the to a greater extent than vegetarian, less sanguine "radish"). More than the outfit itself, I simply wanted to encounter the colors together, peculiarly the pinkish together with the oxblood. And inwards reply to the link upward prompt: "How has your mode changed since becoming a mama?" Well, I don't intend I would convey given…

Until Next Week

Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 skilful Mon to all of you lot readers! I merely wanted to drib you lot a work in addition to allow you lot know that I volition hold upwards taking a calendar week long hiatus from with my sisters. I am going to hold upwards inwards Chicago for a fashion consultant certification program, in addition to I volition hold upwards focusing all my mental energies on that.  Until adjacent week!

What I Wore: My Favorite Travel Outfit

The final 10 days cause got been hectic together with wonderful, together with I'm actually excited to larn dorsum to with my sisters. I'm besides excited that Mary Boctor, personal stylist, volition presently live on opened upward for business, but to a greater extent than on that later! I'm yet getting into the groove of things since my provide from Chicago, but I wanted to accept a few minutes to portion an outfit amongst you! The pics aren't equally crisp equally I'd like, but c'est la vie, together with they are plenty to larn the idea.
What I needed: An outfit to apparel for my flights to together with from Chicago. No 1 was coming together or dropping me at the airport, together with hence I needed something comfortable together with fashionable that I could apparel on the plane, together with on the trains equally I traveled amongst my luggage. Throw inward a belatedly arrival fourth dimension together with the characteristically mutual frigidity weath…